Gift Bricks® Engraved Brick Pavers
with Brass Medallions

Gift Bricks® offers an engraved brick product which includes a brass medallion. These special medallion pavers include your selected brick text, along with a brass medallion securely inset into the brick paver. Our engraved brass medallions are custom made to your specifications.

Medallion engraved pavers are a great way to special programs honoring: veterans, an organization milestone or anniversay, a local charity donor recognition event, or to commemorate service time. The engraved medallion brick products are only available from Gift Bricks®.

To create a medallion paver product, contact Gift Bricks® with the logo you would like to use. Our graphics team will create a design or pattern that fits your fundraising program perfectly. You are provided with proofs of your engraved design artwork for final approval. Whenever possible, we will provide you with an example of your finished product. Depending upon the chosen medallion, there may be setup charges applied for custom artwork.

If you are looking for a unique brick fundraising idea, the Gift Bricks® engraved brick paver with brass medallion could be the answer. See a few examples below. Give our Gift Bricks® staff a call today. We will be happy to provide you with a FREE estimate for medallion pavers of your choice.

engraved bricks with brass medallions

brass medallion close up

Engraved Brick with Medallions Gallery